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Our Top 5 Gifts for the Event Planner

December 8, 2017

Is one of your friends or relatives constantly running between event spaces, answering business calls, and organizing extravagant parties and wedding showers? Do they resemble an Olympic sprinter in professional clothes? Then they must be an event planner!


For this year’s Christmas, you could give them a cute “event planner” mug or t-shirt. Or you could consider giving them a more practical present like one of our ideas below (or a good pair of running shoes).


  • A Planner. What?! A planner needs a planner? Well, if that first planner is a person and the second is a notebook, then yes! Get your busy bee buddy a nice 2018 planner so they can stay organized next year.

  • A Calendar. Some event planners are all online, all google calendar these days but some still prefer the old school approach. So get your friend a nice, big calendar they can write all over or a whiteboard calendar they can reuse month after month.

  • Event Planning Stickers. Colored stickers are the best accessory to accompany either a planning notebook or a calendar.

  • A Thermos. Did you know that most disposable coffee cups are not recyclable? And even producing disposable cups creates CO2 emissions. So help the earth and your friend by getting them a reusable thermos for their coffee or tea that they can grab and take on the go when running around town.

  • A Coworking Membership: If your event planning pal needs a place to focus and center their virtual event planning business, help them invest in a coworking membership. The mobile membership at Free Range is only $180 for an entire year of coworking, including 10 visits a month and all the benefits of a workspace. Add $35/month to tack on a virtual office.  Or for something a little smaller to get them started, take a look at our gift cards.


So ends Part Three of our 3-part series of posts on gift suggestions for the holiday season. We hope you enjoyed our little series and happy holidays!



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