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Top Notch Coworking Spaces in Major U.S. Cities for Digital Nomads

June 1, 2017

Coworking has taken the business world by storm. Whether you are looking for a space to begin your start up company, or are traveling and want to get out of your hotel room to work for the day, you are sure to find a space to suit your needs. Coworking spaces have popped up all around the country. The options seem limitless, but what is the best and least expensive way to get the most production out of your day? We've rounded up some of the top coworking spaces in the country that frequently make the "best of" lists, so no matter where you are, you can get to work and get productive.



New York City

Bat Haus, located in the bustling New York City neighborhood of Brooklyn, offers a space in which one can obtain a “true workspace where members from different disciplines share resources, share space, and share respect.” The rustic space allows for maximum productivity and convenience. The $25 day pass allows member access to high speed internet and 10-hour access.


Los Angeles

Kleverdog Coworking, located in Los Angeles neighborhood of Chinatown, provides a professional workspace with wifi, coffee, and a dedicated spot to get to work. This bright and modern space will allow you to find your potential while opening the door to possible collaboration and invention. Kleverdog offers $25 day passes Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.



Our very own Free Range Office in the cozy neighborhood of Wicker Park in Chicago allows for a work space that feels like home. Our comfortable and adaptable space allows for collaboration and relaxation. We offer day passes for $20 a day and memberships starting at $95/month. Come enjoy free wifi, coffee, comfort, and, of course, coworking!



Common Desk in Dallas, Texas offers a “flexible, fun, and stylish” work environment. This coworking space creates an office environment that is productive while still creative and outgoing. The best part is you can join Common Desk for only $25 a day.



Soma Vida in Austin combines a comfortable workspace with fitness and wellness. Day passes to this yoga studio and coworking habitat are $25 per day and include wellness coworking and yoga classes.



Hygge Coworking in Charlotte offers a colorful and bright coworking space with a multitude of resources and most importantly, coffee. Visit this space for only $20 a day to network and get productive.



Office Nomads in Seattle offers a retro workspace where community is key. This space offers a $30 day pass that includes high-speed internet, coffee, tea, cozy meeting rooms, couches for naps, and more.



Oficio in Boston provides a spa-like atmosphere to its members. A day pass at this relaxing coworking space includes access to wifi, business mailing services, gourmet coffee and espresso, and more. For $30 a day, anyone looking to cowork in Boston needs to check out this space.



Deavor in Nashville contributes a hip vibe to the coworking community. A $25 day pass gets you access to a coffee and tea bar, studio space, and "a community of inspired individuals working, learning, and pursuing passions together.”



Collective Agency in Portland offers a large and bright working space. For $30 a day, members can network and productive while still having fun.



Strongbox West, located in Atlanta, bills itself as the "largest and most bad-ass coworking space in Atlanta." This very affordable space offers a mix of industrial, rustic, and modernity to accomplish any working goal you may have. Get to work for only $15 a day.


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