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What’s Coworking Like Around the World?

March 5, 2018

 With the way it’s spread across the US with an ever-rising popularity, it’s no wonder that coworking has expanded across the globe. But what changes country to country? From Brussels to Beijing, what does coworking look like around the world?

In general, coworking outside the US works pretty much the same as it does inside the US. At any coworking space, you’ll find entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and startup teams sharing an office space, facilities, and (most importantly) a coffee machine.


In part, coworking has taken off in other countries due to the race for new technology. Chinese youth in particular are thriving as entrepreneurs. That’s why Beijing is listed by Forbes as one of the best cities to start a business. This is because recently, China realized the advantages of high quality manufacturing so the country created a fund to grow seed stage startups as well as a tax relief program for startups.


Other countries in Asia are among the fastest growing ecosystems for entrepreneurship and coworking, such as Taiwan, Hong King, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. And of course we can’t forget India, where the rising number of engineers has created an explosive “technology-focused startup scene”.


Have other countries unlocked the secret of coworking with childcare? While still on the sparse side in the US, it’s becoming more common for spaces in Asia and Europe to offer childcare to attract a wider cliental. Many spaces around the world also highlight the outdoors in their offerings, including gardens, outdoor terraces, or—like BeacHub in Koh Phangan, Thailand—the beach.


A core similarity of every coworking space country-to-country lies in the basic amenities they use to attract coworkers. For instance, spaces in Warsaw—another capitol listed in Forbes’ list—are have comfortable, open office layout rooms and advertise good restaurants, cafes and parks nearby. Business Link is one funky space where you can sit on bean bag chairs, hammocks, or even in a bathtub.


The main quality that differentiates coworking spaces around the world is simply the view outside the window. Imagine working at a space in Tokyo during the cherry blossom, surrounded by snowy mountains in Innsbruck, or overlooking the Pacific in Sydney.


Though coworking is always changing, growing, and fluctuating, one thing you can be sure about is that wherever you go around the globe, you will be able to find some sort of coworking space.


Visit our blog in the following weeks and months for accompanying articles in our new series about “Coworking Around the World” featuring the bizarre and quirky, the huge and tiny, the typical and strange and all there is to know about coworking.  

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