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Our Philosophy

HomepageCerealBoxWork when you want, how you want. Whether you are a startup, freelancer, blogger, entrepreneur, consultant, at-home or remote worker, Free Range Office (FREO) provides a place for you to be your most productive and your most liberated. You set the pace, and the terms, in an environment that promotes comfort, innovation, networking and collaboration.

FREO offers an alternative to the corporate box and the isolating home office. Our welcoming ambience provides extra amenities to make your life easier, including ergonomic chairs and spacious desks; private telephone room; outdoor terrace; chef's kitchen; gourmet coffee and tea; video blogging studio; laundry and dry cleaning delivery service; and even a weekly chair massage day to work out those knots.

So workers of the world, reunite. Let’s come together in ways that enhance creativity, peace of mind and work-life balance. Free Range Office is where you can untether, pull up a chair next to like-minded individuals and exhale. Be part of the coworking movement and join us now. Free Range Office: Work outside the box.

Where We Are

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2141 W. North Ave., 2nd Flr
Wicker Park - Bucktown
Phone: 312-725-3063
Fax: 1-866-818-4025