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Building a Virtual Team? Why Not Build a Virtual Office?

November 20, 2017

Your startup idea is groundbreaking. It will shape you as an innovator, leader, and inspiration. It will change the world for the better.


But you’re too intimidated by the challenges of starting a business to make it into a reality. Not only do you need the product and team, you’ll also need an office space, a commercial contract, and enough revenue to pay rent every month.


Luckily for you, in the age of technology it’s more than possible to run a successful business virtually; in fact, sometimes it’s the more advantageous option.


These days, more and more small businesses are converting to virtual offices to escape the costs, work, energy and stress over securing a good office space in an optimal location, arranging a contract, and paying rent. Then when a company needs to expand, having a virtual office can eliminate the problems of long-term leases and needing to find a bigger space.



Perhaps you’ve decided against renting a space, but now you’re leaning towards opening an office at home to avoid additional costs. Home-based offices do offer small business owners an advantage in terms of price. However, some lenders may not extend credit to a “home-based” office. Other clients and customers may find a professional space more appealing.


To avoid using your home information, virtual office packages provide a phone number and virtual business address. Some coworking spaces that offer VO memberships – such as Free Range Office – may even include access to private events and conference rooms.


A virtual workspace also allows businesses to shift towards having a remote workforce, making for a more flexible, work-focused team.


So why not make an instant office for your company? You can turn your dream into a virtual – and very real – reality today.

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