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Finding and using a virtual office package to benefit your business

December 11, 2017

You can find true love online. You can discover a sibling you never knew you had online. And now, you can even run a business online.


If you’ve decided to run your business online to cut traffic, pollution, stress, illness, day care costs, rent, company overhead, you may still be wondering: where will all my mail go?


Most virtual office packages offer a business address. Many even provide a phone number, live receptionist, and fax. More benefits of having a physical identity are:


  • Having a local area code will help you attract local customers.

  • A separate business address is preferential to using a home address. As Marco Carbajo points out on All Business, “a zoned commercial mailing address is a key component in the business credit building process. For lenders it helps in identifying the operation and location of a business.”

  • An address in a prominent building or location will help your company gain prestige and validity fast without paying the exorbitant rent.

  • Customized voice mail boxes with prerecorded introductions will help phone calls and customer interactions go more smoothly right off the bat.

  • With some VO providers, you’ll have access to an office space and other meeting spaces, for the days you might actually need a physical workspace for the whole team.

If you think your business can benefit from a virtual office, the next step is where to find one.


Try your local coworking spaces. Many are virtual office service providers. In Chicago, Free Range Office is a great option that offers not only a physical address and mail concierge (with email alerts), but also access to events and conference room time. Also, going local is generally more affordable; a Free Range VO membership is only $50/month.


If you’re not based in Chicago, here are a few more options.

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