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Today We Celebrate Business Women

September 22, 2017

 Today. What could possibly be special about today? Could it be your uncle’s birthday? No, that was last month. Perhaps it’s your anniversary? No, you still have a few days left to buy a gift. So what’s special about today, September 22nd?


Every day is a holiday somewhere. Especially with modern society’s interest in celebrating anything -- from the “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival in Tinku to Create a Vacuum Day -- it may seem like obscure holidays are popping up everywhere. But there’s a reason behind every holiday, no matter how abstract.


Today, September 22nd, is American Business Women’s Day.


The first BWD (Business Women’s Day) was held on September 22nd, 1982. It was recognized by congressional proclamation in 1983 and in 1986, according to Lahle Wolfe of The Balance. The American Business Women’s Association, or the ABWA, started the tradition. The group itself strives to unite business women, providing opportunities for them to learn, grow, network, and gain national recognition.


That’s why they started Business Women’s Day, because it is important to recognize the hard work business women and female entrepreneurs are doing around the country and in the world. It is important to keep supporting these women and endorsing their valiant efforts. It is important to stand behind all women.


The day is not meant to disregard the work of businessmen. It is meant only to celebrate businesswomen.


The next event to look forward to is National Business Women’s Week (NBWW) which will be the third week of October. Not only are we entering the time of changing seasons, colorful falling leaves, and sweet autumnal smells. We are also entering a time to remember, recognize, and celebrate business women.


If you’d like to learn more about inspiring business women, take a look at this article about BWD. Otherwise, don’t forget to recognize the local business woman you know today.


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